No Excuse Campaign

Having read the article about the Dorset Police campaign, and observed the camera safety vans about the county, I wonder about their purpose and priorities.

Drivers, crossing at amber and red traffic lights, in and around Weymouth have, in my experience, become far more of a danger than a car travelling at more than 30 mph, less than 300 meters short of a 50 mph sign, on the bypass, in a zone just 3/10 ths of a mile long!

If road safety is truly the object then cameras at traffic lights would be both lucrative, at present
and in the future, and a deterrent to these people who dice with other peoples lives!

On another tack – having parked my car in a Tesco petrol station the other day, I stood and watched a driver reverse out of his parking space with a phone held to his ear. He blew me a kiss as I stood and stared at him. Surely there should be a hotline (not a premium cost line) to report this, or maybe a website to name and shame!

I travel over 90,000 miles per year around the UK and often see people using their phones to text, resting iPads on the steering wheel and cars that travel miles in the middle and outside lanes when the inside lanes are empty. 
 it seems to me the Police should be concentrating on driver education and targeting bad driving generally, i.e. more awareness and adhesion to the Highway Code and not purely those exceeding the speed limit, as it appears to be. 

NB. Love to know who thought it was a good idea to encourage pedestrians to cross a bypass – or is the next step to impose another speed limit!

The Author, Robbie Dunster, is a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). Opinions expressed are his and not necessarily those of the IAM.

Robbie is the Managing Director of Unicorn Courtesy Cars 01305 761166