To Indicate or Not … that is the question

I often wonder what people expect to achieve when using their indicators. Why would you need to indicate when joining a dual carriageway or motorway from a slip road – there are no other choices. What, then, should an indicator be used for? Is it an indication of your intention or your wish? My interpretation […]

The Eyes Have It

As I suffer from hay fever my eyes tend to be sensitive to bright lights so my following observations are very personal, but I feel very relevant. When does a fog light become a hindrance rather than an aid to other drivers? Should there be fog, and these days it tends to be in small […]


I drive around 90,000 miles per year around the UK. Mostly travelling on motorways to the London airports but also to some of the other south coast resorts and ‘exquisite out of the way places’ in various parts of this lovely country of ours. Many of my clients ask if I get bored with, as […]