Coming home for Christmas?

Do you have relatives visiting for Christmas or are you travelling to see your family? If so let Unicorn Courtesy Cars take the stress out of the journey by collecting you or your relative and transporting them to their destination anywhere in the UK. Contact us for a quote on 01305 761166 or through our contact […]

This Christmas give the gift of travel

Do you know anyone with a holiday booked? Perhaps you have a friend who travels a lot for business or pleasure or maybe you’d like to take someone special on a relaxing shopping trip? This Christmas give a unique gift with a voucher for Unicorn Courtesy Cars. Vouchers are available in all amounts.   To […]

Fog lights and lanes

Having been travelling along the A31 M27 M3 M4 during the last few days in ‘foggy conditions’ I have found it frustrating that drivers do not switch off their penetrating fog lights once in a traffic queue. There is no need for them, once your presence is obvious, switch them off ! It can be […]

My experience in having to make an insurance claim

I would like to relate my experience in having to make an insurance claim for a non- fault car accident which occurred to me on the 12th January 2014. I am an ex-professional Tennis & Squash coach who keeps fairly fit and played the sports regularly. My wife and I have annually taken part in […]

No Excuse Campaign

Having read the article about the Dorset Police campaign, and observed the camera safety vans about the county, I wonder about their purpose and priorities. Drivers, crossing at amber and red traffic lights, in and around Weymouth have, in my experience, become far more of a danger than a car travelling at more than 30 […]