Fog lights and lanes

Having been travelling along the A31 M27 M3 M4 during the last few days in ‘foggy conditions’ I have found it frustrating that drivers do not switch off their penetrating fog lights once in a traffic queue. There is no need for them, once your presence is obvious, switch them off ! It can be very disconcerting when cars are braking and you have an array of piercing lights in close proximity.

When will drivers realise that all roads have one lane, the inside lane!

All other lanes are for when you are actively overtaking those that have chosen to travel slower than you wish to!

I have been told by some people that they drive in the middle lane as then they don’t have to pull out to overtake, all I can say is, if you feel that way, you should consider having some lessons to give you the confidence to drive on a motorway.
With the number of vehicles on the road ever increasing, some congestion would be reduced dramatically by better lane discipline.