I drive around 90,000 miles per year around the UK. Mostly travelling on motorways to the London airports but also to some of the other south coast resorts and ‘exquisite out of the way places’ in various parts of this lovely country of ours.

Many of my clients ask if I get bored with, as they put it, ‘going up and down the motorway.’ My answer is that no two journeys are ever the same, which is mostly by virtue of the interesting conversations one has with the client and the changes on the road – be it seasonal, climatic or merely road works of some description.

By far the most demanding are the challenges that other drivers present you with – all of us in ‘a world of our own’, making our way to wherever, in order to do whatever.

I guess that is where professional drivers are different straight away because a smooth, relaxed and safe journey, in a specific time for our clients – or indeed our cargo – is the goal that we strive to achieve with every trip.

The office worker, the dentist, the bricklayer are all on their way to work whereas we are already at work once we are behind the wheel – consequently our attitude is different.

Almost on a daily basis I see examples of road rage in some shape or form. The only way to survive these potentially disastrous situations is to remain relaxed, focused and not become involved, whilst ensuring you abide by the Highway Code.

Over the coming weeks I hope to discuss how we can all ensure that we are able to travel from A to B safely, without stress, just by being mindful and tolerant of our fellow road users.

The Author, Robbie Dunster, is a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). Opinions expressed are his and not necessarily those of the IAM.

Robbie is the Managing Director of Unicorn Courtesy Cars 01305 761166 www.unicorncourtesycars.co.uk